Recycling of electronic waste
Recycling of electronic waste

About us

Our company is one of the largest electronics recycler in the Baltic States, processing more than 5 000 tons of waste electrical and electronic (WEEE) equipment annually. Our plant specializes in the environmentally safe and socially responsible dismantling of electronic waste.

We operate high capacity and technologically advanced e-waste treatment system, thus providing our customers with a maximum economic benefit and maximum commodity return.

All material delivered to our plant is 100% recycled; no electronics are placed in landfills and nothing is illegally exported to other nations.





Our products

Products we recycle and products we regularly buy from our supplies at best prices:

CRTs - cathode ray tubes

CRT monitors and televisions

LCD and PLASMA monitors and televisions

Small and medium size electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) - all types of mixed e-waste

IT equipment

Industrial electrical and electronic equipment, telecom equipment

Mixed e-waste plastics (mixed WEEE plastics mixtures of ABS, PS, PP, PE with all type of impurities)

Electrical motors, transformers, starters, generators, etc.